Friday, June 19, 2009

Just a couple of projects I've done so far while on break

Some Jammies for the kiddies.....

A cupcake outfit for Chels....

A fairytale outfit for Brittnee (who proceeded to tell me that it was the bestest clothes she's ever had and wore them for Free Dress Day on Wednesday. Nawwwww.....yaaayy for Mumma made clothes!).....

Both outfits have been "Frosted" with Swarovski Crystals....sooooo pretty!

A girl can never have too much fabric right?? :P

Just some of the fabrics i've received over the last couple of weeks with more coming...weeeee!!!
Don't know how many of them will actually make it to "Funkywuns" though as I have projects on with most of them :P

The Andalucia Range of fabrics by my favourite designer ever.......Patty Young. Her fabrics are to die for! The "Kyoko" pattern is also by Patty Young for Modkid. I can't wait to make the girls some of these!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Welcome to my new blog!! Here you'll find info of stockings, piccies of recent customs, all things Widdlewuns and occasionally the odd piccy of my babes and creations made for them and tidbits of my life :D Enjoy!