Sunday, May 1, 2011

IMPORTANT - Please read!! (especially those on the waiting list)

I have been doing a lot of thinking for the last, seems like forever, and have come to the decision that I will no longer be taking custom orders for the foreseeable future :( Which as a result also means that I will be deleting the waiting list. I know this won't be a popular move and I sincerely apologise to everyone that has been waiting on it for so long but I am unable to continue on like this, I have to do what is best for myself and my family. The waiting list was originally created on these conditions: “I'm making no guarantee's of when your spot might come up. This will only be for when I have a spare moment to take another custom on. I will be free to do instocks and customs stocking even if there are people on the waiting list (because, yes, I know I will feel guilty for it, LOL, so i'm just putting that out there right now).” Unfortunately the pressure is there, and it is HUGE and the amount of “spare moments” i've had I could probably count on one hand :(

Gone are the days when people were overjoyed to get a beautiful minky nappy with one embroidery design on the back. Now all that seems to be wanted is super show-off nappies with up to 8-10 embroidery designs in scenic settings etc etc etc. and yes...I take partial responsibility for setting such a trend but this has turned into a HUGE problem for me as nappies now take twice sometimes up to 6 times as long as they originally would have. Which means, I am now working for less than a couple of dollars an hour or often just for the love of it :( and to be quite honest, the “love of it” is almost all gone. I have tried putting restrictions on custom listings and asked people not to ask me for more than what's stated in the listing they have purchased but it still happens constantly and unfortunately I am terrible at saying no and if I charged exactly what they'd be worth, no-one would buy them. The time I spend making nappies is time I am taking away from my 3 small children and wonderful husband and my sleep time. Often I am up until 2-3am getting things done and then up again at 7am to get 2 of my kids off to School.

I hope that everyone will be understanding of my situation and hope that one day I will feel the love to come back to doing custom orders because right now the thought of doing anymore makes me feel physically sick and it's either this or close down Widdlewuns completely. The thought has crossed my mind on more than one occasion but i'm just not ready for that quite yet.

I have 4 nappies left to finish off and then it will be a brand new Widdlewuns. I will still be doing the Firefly Collective Stockings though more than likely only one a month after this month and then it will all be instocks when I feel ready and locate my sewjo again, LOL.

I cannot believe how far we've come and am extremely appreciative of the popularity that my little brand now has and I thank you all so much for everything.

Much love,